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WHY IBM i ???


It is the only affordable platform that was initially conceived and designed for business solutions.

More reliability, less staff, less support costs and longer asset life than other platforms. With the i operating system running on POWER systems the upgrade options for disk and processing power are almost endless. This gives business the flexibility to grow with the infrastructure and systems they have without ploughing capital into server additions and replacements.

Keep you Business running with a low maintenance in-house IBM i solution unreliant on the vagaries of the NBN or external connections. Keep your staff productive rather than waiting for the Cloud to start working again!

Host your own secure Intranet where you can see where your data is stored at all times.

The AS/400 and iSeries have a tradition of “set and forget” which means the boring black box or rack in the corner of the data centre just keeps running the critical processes at the heart of the business without viruses, tinkering, disk crashes or component failures causing costly disruption and lost customers.

Now with i on POWER hardware, all options are on the table, including virtualization to allocate your IT resources to the right processes at the right time. This is without compromising on the tradition of the cherished reputation of the AS/400 and iSeries platforms.

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